Using Doppler Ultrasound to find Arterial Blood Flow with BFR

This video discusses the use of Doppler Ultrasound to determine arterial pulse in a limb. In the Modern Strength Training course, we use a 8mHz probe as it has a shallower focus and will will only grab vascular sounds, both arterial and venous depending on where you place it.

Make sure to manually find the pulse, if possible, before using Doppler ultrasound. It will help narrow down the location of the artery so you arenโ€™t fishing around to find it. Also, have a slight angle of the probe head proximal on the limb as blood flow travels proximal to distal and you will have the best chance to find the flow sounds.

Once this skill is mastered, you can determine limb occlusion pressure (LOP) for blood flow restriction therapy/training (BFRT) which allows you to individualize the pressure to the patient. It helps take into account hydration status, time of day, cuff width and location, and many other factors.

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