Why Cash PT

Motus Physical Therapy and Performance is an out-of-network provider, cash-based practice. Read my blog about why here.

The current trend in healthcare is toward reduced reimbursement for all services. This means clinics need to increase their volume of patients and reduce interaction time with the patient to create profitable margins. Reduced time with a clinician increases the time to recovery.

I believe the opposite should be occurring. The way to get people to recover from injury, reduce their pain, or improve their health in the quickest amount of time is by maximizing personal attention

Benefits of Cash PT

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

CLient centered care

As a cash PT, my treatments and appointment times are not dictated by insurance companies.

This means better VALUE to the patient - more time spent with the clinician getting better and improving your health!

Photo by chaofann/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by chaofann/iStock / Getty Images


Patients typically spend LESS than they would if they received care using their insurance - but with BETTER QUALITY care!

See the table below for cost scenarios for a typical patient having 4 weeks of PT.

Photo by vladz_2009/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by vladz_2009/iStock / Getty Images

YOU CAN get reimbursed!

Most insurances provides out-of-network benefits that reimburse patients a portion of their costs.

Check out our out-of-network benefits reference sheet to help ask your insurance company the right questions!

Cash PT Traditional PT
Cost Per Visit $120 Co-Pay $40
Number of Visits 4 Number of Visits 12
Total Cost $480 Total Cost $480
Time with PT 240 min Time with PT (15 per 30 min visit) 180 min
Cost per minute $2.00 Cost per minute $2.67
This does not include the cost of meeting your deductible with insurance!