The Difference Between Healthcare and Health Insurance

Most people believe that healthcare and health insurance are the same thing. They are NOT! As a society, clinicians, and patients - we should be focusing on how to improve our health rather than how to pay for bad health. One solves the other but not the other way around!

It is as simple as that. I don't care what programs are designed or how much money is pumped into healthcare - if we aren't focusing on the disease prevention and health promotion, it is money WASTED.

Let's put our attention and resources in the right place. As clinicians, find ways to position yourself between the sick care and health care portions of the system - be the GO-TO person for your community.

As a healthcare consumer, AKA patient, do not settle for anything less than someone who is willing to help you improve your health, not just "feel better'.

Remember: stronger people, healthier lifestyles!

Have a good weekend!