What People Say

"Dr. Kyle Coffey stands out to me as the most driven individual in our field willing to do whatever it takes to make the most positive impact academically with his students and orthopedically with his patients. He's a well-calculated person, always professional, polite, and respectful of everyone, which is exactly what you want to see in a physical therapist and academic director. Kyle is never shy to lend a helping hand either, both to his students and also to his peers, which speaks volumes about his character; he wants to help everyone. To see such eagerness to help others learn, grow, and develop is extremely refreshing. We need more people like him in our field. I'm proud to call Kyle one of my most trusted colleagues."

Matthew IbrahimStrength Coach & Manual Therapist

"Kyle has the knowledge, versatility, and positive attitude when working with a client. He helped my son develop a home-care program focusing on strength and stability. Along the way he provided the education and would fine tune the exercises to meet my son's needs and ability. My son always looked forward to working with him!"

Leslie, Client

Why go to just any physical therapist? Dr. Kyle Coffey is not only an expert and experienced clinician, but he also teaches future Doctors of Physical Therapy at the university level. If I were in the Southern New Hampshire area, Dr. Coffey would be on my short list for any sports, musculoskeletal, or spinal issue.

Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CFC, CSCS, FAAOMPT - Modern Manual Therapy