Why Don't You Take Insurance?

The number one question that I receive from prospective patients is: Do you accept my insurance?” And to each and every person, I proudly say “NO!”

You may be wondering why I used the word proudly. The reasoning is very simple and is centered around VALUE and PATIENT-CENTERED CARE.

The current trend in healthcare is toward reduced reimbursement for services, meaning clinics need to increase their overall volume of patients as rates continue to decline to maintain a viable business long-term. With only a certain number of hours in a day, this means the clinic must reduce interaction time between the patient and the healthcare provider. All the while the patient is paying high healthcare costs for less time with the professional! How unfortunate is that? The patient suffers drastically under this system.

For example, in a traditional insurance-based physical therapy clinic, a patient on average attends sessions 3x/week for 8 weeks, or a total of 24 visits. The frequency of visits must be high because during those visits, patients see the therapist for no more than 30 minutes...sometimes even less! The one-on-one care just isn't there. Meanwhile, patients are paying on average $30 per visit in co-pays. This means that the cost to the patient for their physical therapy care is somewhere around $720 - and this doesn't include any costs related to deductibles or co-insurance!

For years, I passionately provided care to patients in this broken system where the standard of care was driven by this reimbursement model of healthcare insurance companies. And to be honest, this isn't the fault of the physical therapist or clinic owner. It is just what is needed to survive as a business! I was being pushed from patient to patient and the total time interacting with the patient, treating the PATIENT, was reducing with each passing month and year. It was insanity!

I knew deep in my heart and mind that the opposite should be occurringThe way to get people to recover from injury, reduce their pain, and improve their performance or movement in the quickest amount of time is by MAXIMIZING PERSONAL ATTENTION. And this means breaking away from the reimbursement model.

Motus Physical Therapy and Performance was born partially out of this frustration as well as the strong desire to serve patients and clients in a more effective way. I am a consumer just like you - I want to know that when I spend my money, I am getting good return on my investment - healthcare is no different!

With me, you will get one-on-one treatment for 60 minutes. My treatment times and plans are not dictated by insurance companies. Each visit at our office costs $120, regardless of diagnosis or treatments provided. While this may seem like a lot, because of the personal attention I can provide, as well as the high standard of care, the average recovery time takes 4-6 weeks at only one visit per week. This means that you, the patient, is getting TWICE the time with the therapist and is paying no more than in a traditional PT setting ($480-720). The cost becomes even cheaper if the patient utilizes our successful treatment packages or utilizes their FSA/HSA accounts!

Here is the bottom line:

I am proud to say "NO" to the question of whether I accept insurance. Because to me, that means I refused to be part of the problem and am now a small part of the solution toward better patient care!

Make sure to check out our services, FAQ, and testimonials to learn more about Motus. Contact me with any questions you have. 

Let's get you on the road to recovery with Motus! I can't wait to help you get there.