#askmotuspt - "Is it OK to have significant soreness after every workout?"

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#askmotusPT QOTD: Is it OK to have significant soreness after every workout?

The answer to this is NO. Soreness that lasts 24-36 hours following a workout is appropriate in most situations, particularly if your training goal is designed to induce this effect. The soreness must be present; in conjunction with mechanical stretch on the muscle, it serves as a signaling mechanism. But even then, the soreness should manageable and not limit your function or movement significantly.

I see this issue all the time with clients who have decided to begin exercising (awesome, continue!) but fail to dose their regimen correctly. Rather than making a workout challenging, at the edge of their ability, they tend to make it difficult or past their edge of ability. One or two workouts that are difficult will not be a concern; but continued over weeks and months without appropriate rest periods can lead to overloading the system too much and not have the physiological adaptations and performance gains that are desired.

The more effective and efficient way to program exercise is to make all workouts CHALLENGING. By doing this, you avoid the excessive soreness for extended periods of time. This still allows the body to be taxed, forcing it to adapt and make improvements. In the long run, you will see larger performance gains as well!

If you find yourself making workouts too difficult and not challenging, reach out to a physical therapist, movement coach, or strength coach who has the knowledge to appropriately design an exercise program for YOU! This investment in yourself can pay huge dividends in the long-run!