Photo by stockcam/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by stockcam/iStock / Getty Images

What is your WHY?

Each client has a reason why they are looking for help. The pain doesn't have to be debilitating; annoying pain is enough to affect your daily tasks, function, and quality of life.

Maybe you are a weekend warrior and can not compete in your adventure race or sporting event because of nagging knee or ankle pain. Or maybe you want to be able to garden with less back pain or pick up your grandchildren when they run to you for a hug. Or maybe pain isn't a factor and you want to get healthy and start living life.

Whatever your why; I have seen it before and have great results!


Our evaluation process is systems based and acts as a funnel to help identify the root cause of your symptoms and movement dysfunctions. This includes looking at the 5 key elements of health promotion and disease prevention:

  • MOVE: physical activity and exercise
  • FUEL: nutrition and hydration
  • RECOVER: sleep
  • ENDURE: resiliency in changing environments, stable stress rating
  • CONNECT: social and emotional interaction with environment

As a member the Applied Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies (APHPT) organization, I am proud to utilize this innovative strategy.

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Photo by lzf/iStock / Getty Images

Patient Centered

I subscribe to the philosophy that physical therapy is a medical profession that embraces a multitude of treatment methods with the goal of improving the individual patient’s symptoms and movement quality. I am very innovative in the approach I take and look to find what works best for the patient. The ultimate goal is to provide clients the tools to self-manage their symptoms long-term!


I utilize research evidence to help guide the decisions I make and utilize metrics that are easily tracked and measured. IN this way, I can demonstrate the improvements being made, not just state them! This helps improve your movement as quickly and efficiently as possible.