The number one question that I receive from prospective patients is: “Do you accept my insurance?” And to each and every person, I proudly say “NO!”

You may be wondering why I used the word proudly. The reasoning is very simple. The current trend in healthcare is toward reduced reimbursement for services, meaning clinics need to increase their volume of patients as rates continue to decline. With only a certain number of hours in a day, this means the clinic must reduce interaction time with the actual healthcare provider in order to create profit margins that can sustain a business long-term - typically between 20-30 minutes! And in order to see improvements, you have to attend 2-3x/week for 6-8 weeks!

For years, I passionately provided care to patients in a broken system where the standard of care was driven by the reimbursement model of healthcare insurance companies. For years, I felt trapped; I was being pushed from patient to patient and the total time interacting with the patient, treating the patient, was reducing with each passing month and year. It was insanity and I quickly realized that there must be a better way.

I believe the opposite should be occurring. The way to get people to recover from injury, reduce their pain, or improve their performance or movement in the quickest amount of time is by maximizing personal attention. And this means breaking away from the reimbursement model. 

My treatment times and plans are not dictated by insurance companies. I will spend more time with you - 1 hour! - than you would in a traditional physical therapy clinic, while providing the high standard of care that I strive for and that you deserve! And in most cases, you will pay the same if not LESS than what you would in a traditional clinic (copayments and deductible)!

I am proud to say "NO" to the question of whether we accept insurance. Because to me that means I refused to be a part of the problem and am now a small part of the solution toward better patient care.

reimbursement FROM INSURANCE

Motus Physical Therapy & Performance is an out-of-network (OON) provider. We understand the reservations about paying out-of-pocket for physical therapy services. Most patients have out-of-network provider benefits as part of their insurance that will reimburse a certain percentage of the cost...and don’t even realize it! You can use our “Out-of-Network (OON) Insurance Benefits Reference Sheet” to help you determine your benefits.

If you would like to go this route, we will guide the patient through the process of submitting for reimbursement from their insurance companies for physical therapy services but will not submit claims on behalf of the patient. We will also provide the patient with a master invoice or “superbill” with the appropriate documentation including dates of service, cost incurred, and the CPT codes utilized for treatment.

Strength and conditioning services are not likely reimbursable by your insurance company, unless part of a wellness credit incentive or if you use HSA/FSA payment. 


If you do not want to submit for reimbursement from your healthcare insurance, you can still utilize the superbill as evidence for an itemized tax deduction at the end of the year!